10 Minutes of Obscure Books 1 [The 2013 Room Clean pt. 4]

This is really hastily edited! But it was super fun to put together.

Ten minutes of obscure books from my library. Expect more of these.

3 thoughts on “10 Minutes of Obscure Books 1 [The 2013 Room Clean pt. 4]

  1. Of Two Minds and The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles.
    I liked LRGW very much as a kid, still do for that matter even if I now identify more with the professor than the kids, if it taught me nothing else it got my looking up and observing the world rather than my shoes.
    Of Two Minds was weird, interesting and reminded me very much of Shrek (even though this came first) as the villain is described as a short would-be King hell bent on purging the undesirables from his realm. Definitely a younger book but with some surprisingly adult concepts that are touched on and left open to interpretation. Plus I was always a little envious of the princess – her family trait/power is they can imagine things into and out of existence.

    1. Oh! Is LotRGW where that “people always looking at the ground” idea comes from? I have often thought that that’s a silly judgment to make, because there’s a lot of really fascinating stuff on the ground — and if you’re always looking at the sky you’ll end up stepping on worms! Poor worms.

      I haven’t read either of those, but clearly I should check them out!

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