Open Thread: Come introduce yourself!

Much to my surprise and delight, twenty people I don’t know are now following this blog!

Thanks to everyone who reads, likes, follows, and otherwise contributes to this blog by being a much-needed and much-appreciated audience. I’m glad I’ve said something or other that interests you!

Animated gif of the mad tea party from Alice in Wonderland

Clean cups, clean cups, move down move down, clean cups clean cups move down~

If you’ve recently followed this blog, this is your invitation to come by and introduce yourself. What brought you over to my corner of the Internet? What are you blogging about over in yours? If you’ve popped over from Facebook, Twitter, or my other online hangouts, are there things you’d like to see me write about more or more often?

In the blagosphere social media lingo I guess this would be called “building community,” but I think of it more as, like, welcoming the new people in the apartment building. If I could bake I would make you a pie?

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