The 2013 Room Clean, pt. The Last


And so, after a little more than two weeks, I’m packed up for Seattle again. The tumble of boxes looks worse than it is: the stuffed animals will go up above my closet, safe from the ravages of mice, and most of the other boxes are empty. You can see above my dresser a couple dozen empty hangers, the result of me going at my wardrobe with ruthless abandon.

It was a pretty successful room cleaning, all told, though it was very much an emotional rollercoaster. I had the opportunity to remove the last vestiges of some negative influences in my life (I should have burned some sage) and the chance to revisit happy times in my past.

It’s a strange feeling, being home like this, going through the accumulations of my life. Like taking hold of some kind of umbilical cord and finding it electrified.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Seattle.

I have at least one more Obscure Books video to edit together, and I’m bringing some back down the Lower 48 with me, so I may be able to do more. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading along and putting up with my spam the last two weeks!

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