You’re in the Social Media generation

Nail art of various Tumblr icons: the Like heart, the Reblog button, the t logo, etc.And so, I finally join the rest of my generation in attaching my blog to a Tumblr.

I had a couple interesting conversations with my mom while back home about self-promotion and marketing your writing; Mom and I both want to make our writing profitable, but Mom has the time and self-motivation to actually take classes and go to conferences and stuff like that to learn about how to do that, while I generally sit around with no pants on going “Eh, I’m a Millennial, I have an intuitive grasp of social media, right?”

(Tip: Just because you’re a Millennial with an intuitive grasp of social media does not actually make you able to plan and execute a self-promotion strategy. I think mostly it just makes me more instinctively aware of what doesn’t work. Like, I temped doing marketing briefly at the end of last year and someone suggested making a Tumblr titled “What Would You Do for [Prize]?” I insisted that nobody was going to think that was in any way a fan-driven enterprise, but mostly bit my tongue on pointing out that inviting the Internet to answer the question “what would you do for …” is not going to produce family-friendly results. Also the reason we find that slogan compelling is because someone already managed to infiltrate our subconscious with it.


This move is primarily motivated by two things: One, seeing David Karp on the Colbert Report last night.

David Karp and Stephen Colbert.

“What’s your address on Tumblr?” “I’m not telling you.” “What are you doing on there?”Click for the video!

Besides looking like he ought to be playing Peter Parker in the next reboot (Spiderman: Hipster Boogaloo), Karp gave a number of reassuring answers about Tumblr remaining dedicated to its userbase rather than to Yahoo’s bottom line — and some reassuring non-answers about not knowing if Tumblr is cool.

The second reason I’m adding a Tumblr is that when my (somewhat misinformed) post about Indiana’s same-sex marriage laws was linked to on Tumblr, suddenly I was getting hits from places like Taiwan and Brazil. Tumblr’s userbase is incredibly diverse, spread over the whole globe, and I really like its tagging and reblogging systems as ways to reach a lot of people who don’t necessarily follow you. (That being the primary disadvantage of using, say, Facebook — putting a link on my Facebook page to this post will only reach people who are my friends on Facebook.)

So I see the Tumblr as being primarily a way drive traffic over to this blog with links etc, but also a way to post and reblog content that doesn’t really work over here. Hopefully it’ll be fun!

If you have a Tumblr and post fun stuff that you think would be of interest to me — feminist commentary, media commentary, Batman (always Batman) — you should let me know so I can follow you. And so the social network becomes just a little bit more all-encompassing.

But I still don’t entirely get Google+.

Postscript: If the title of this post doesn’t immediately get a jingle stuck in your head, allow me to help.

3 thoughts on “You’re in the Social Media generation

  1. I haven’t seen the Karp interview yet, but it does strike me that he’s wearing a Mark Zuckerberg blue hoodie, which is interesting.

    1. His whole outfit struck me as being AGGRESSIVELY Millennial/tech industry hipster. Plaid flannel under a zip-up hoodie with skinny jeans and Converse sneakers.

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