Link Round-Up: Women, Media, and Things That Are Cool

Alexander McQueen’s collection at the Met. Also known as what I would like my production of The Tempest to look like, in that daydream world where I produce it with an unlimited budget.

I am in that terrible place where, in spite of sleeping nearly twelve hours last night and drinking three cups of coffee before 1PM, I am still tired. Maybe because it’s 81 degrees F out there, and at least a few degree hotter in our un-air-conditioned apartment? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

In lieu of a focused blog post like I usually try to do, here are some links to stuff that I’ve been meaning to blog about:

  • A Female Artist’s Foray into Male Modeling: Olympic swimmer and artist Casey Legler is a woman and a male fashion model. Favorite line: “Is it a stretch for me to be styled wearing men’s clothes? I mean, I think anyone can look at me fifty seconds and see that that part is actually not so complicated. I think the part that can feel complicated sometimes is that I also look really fierce in a dress.”
  • Not unrelatedly, Is Gender-Flipping The Most Important Meme Ever?: Caitlin Welsh examines the trend of gender-flipping, from The Hawkeye Initiative (artists drawing male superhero Hawkeye in the sexualized/ridiculously weird poses female superheroes are put in on comic book covers) to Tootsie to — probably my favorite — the cover designs of novels. Fair warning, some of these images are borderline not safe for work.

Let’s be real though, I would have been devouring this book at age thirteen. And then my friends wouldn’t be groaning in horror at me now when I say I still, still haven’t read A Song of Ice and Fire. (Click for commentary from the artist, who designs covers for a living.)

  • Some Thoughts On Our Business: Jeffrey Katzenberg’s 1991 memo to Disney’s executives lays out a set of ideas and strategies that are — and clearly were, given the incredible success of Disney’s animated features from 1991 to 1999, including Beauty and the BeastAladdinPocahontas, and Mulan — good for the company both creatively and financially. Hat tip to Lillian of Lillian Lemoning for the link; she pointed out that Katzenberg recognized the dangers of relying on “bankable,” “foolproof” stars and spectacle rather than a good story, the exact dangers that led to the massive disappointment of The Lone Ranger. The best of many takeaway lines: “We are lucky. We get to manufacture magic and, in so doing, produce a product that makes a difference.”
  • Emerald City Comic Con announces special guest Jeff Smith: I AM INEXPRESSIBLY THRILLED WITH THIS. I have loved Bone for a long time, and I have a giant omnibus of the entire epic courtesy of my sister, and I really want to get it signed, and wait oh my god I could cosplay as Fone Bone, or Thorn, or a Rat Creature! I could be Bartleby! I’M SO EXCITED. (Other guests giving me conniption fits of glee: Nichelle Nichols and Mark Sheppard. Emerald City is pretty quality, guys.)

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