Real-time updates from the quarter-life crisis files

I know I said I was gonna be mostly posting Camino stuff for a while here, but stuff continues to happen in the present day, too. Like this!

Animated gif of me displaying a thumb brace to the camera, smiling ruefully.

My downfall. For so many reasons.

I don’t know exactly what the hell I did, but my thumb’s been bothering me for a couple of weeks. Well, okay, I have some idea of what might have happened: I worked a gig for 314 Pie at Hilliard’s Brewery in Ballard a couple weeks ago, and they gave me a growler full of incredibly delicious stout as a thank you, which I then had to lug home to Capitol Hill via a bus from the U District — a bus full of very loud college kids who didn’t grasp the basic bus etiquette of moving to the back instead of standing in the aisle near the front, so I had to stand and try to carry both a growler and a bag full of pies, and while I cannot hate a growler full of like 32 oz of delicious free beer, I can wish they were easier to carry/pour.

Anyway, whatever I did, my thumb’s been acting all weird, and since it’s nigh impossible for a rightie like me to not use her right thumb in everyday tasks like, you know, holding a glass or picking up a tray of pies or typing, it has not gotten better. I consulted my doctor — IE, my dad — via phone on Wednesday, and he patiently listened to my symptoms (“Yeah, it’s just feeling weird.” “Does it hurt?” “No, it’s just kinda stiff.” “Weak?” “Nah, just weird.” “Redness? Swelling?” “Not really, it just kinda feels weird.”) and suggested I try to take it easy on the thumb and maybe wear a glove or something to give it some cushioning. He also pointed out that I’m hitting the point in my life where my body is likely to stop bouncing back as quickly and thoroughly as it did when I was 16.

So to recap, I am wearing a very fashionable brace because my body is succumbing to entropy and recovering slowly from a mysterious joint ailment brought about by a work-and-booze-related event and a bunch of disrespectful youngsters who didn’t give me a seat on the bus and were entirely too loud.

I think I’m officially old, guys.

(I take solace in the fact that on putting on the brace, one of my first thoughts was “But now I can’t make a proper fist for punching!” Once a karateka, always a karateka.)

3 thoughts on “Real-time updates from the quarter-life crisis files

    1. I thought about that, but there aren’t really enough stiff parts to it for it to make a good bludgeon. Well . . . I could probably still do a decent backfist or hammer strike, and with my wrist supported . . . but I’d still be worried about breaking my thumb.

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