Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate

As many of you know, I’m assisting on a new ballet based on Dante’s Inferno. So I was excited when I saw this . . .



Amused when I later drank this . . .


Very strange beer — almost fruity. And very, very potent.

And then somewhat unnerved when the evening wrapped up with an inferno in the form of A MOTORCYCLE ON FIRE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. I have video, but we have limited bandwidth, so alas I can’t upload it at the moment.

Thankfully it got put out with little trouble by a street washer, and we ended the day with gelato.


Cioccolato e “il bacio di pricipe” – kiss of the prince – which is hazelnut and nut cream. If you are expecting a masterpost at the end of this trip with pictures of all the gelato I eat, congratulations, you get me on a fundamental level.

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