With a single step, etc etc

For the curious — or the cheerleader-inclined — among you, I’ve added a (In)NaNoWriMo* wordcount widget to my sidebar. Now the world can keep me accountable for my wordcount.

50,000 words, I am coming for you, one poorly written line at a time.

(*An Australian friend of mine has pointed out that it really out to be InterNational Novel Writing Month. I’m bad at remembering to call it that — NaNoWriMo rolls off the tongue so nice! — but it’s a good point, so this year I’m trying to include the (In). Rock on, non-American writers!)

2 thoughts on “With a single step, etc etc

  1. Good luck! I’m doing NaNoWriMo as well! How did you add the wordcount widget to your sidebar? I would be interested in that, even though I haven’t much on paper yet to count (but I’ve planned comprehensively so the rest should be quicker).

    1. “It’s easy!” she said … and then realized just how many steps there are.

      First, when you log into the NaNoWriMo site, there’s a drop-down menu titled “Writer Goods.” Under that is a page called “Word-Count Helpers,” with a link to a page “Word-Count Widgets.” There’s a bunch of different widgets to choose from.

      On WordPress, when you go to your dashboard for your blog, check the sidebar for the “Appearance” menu. There’s a section for “Widgets” (or at least there is with my theme). I just inserted the “Image” widget where I wanted it and used the NaNo widget’s URL as the image source.

      Best of luck! I envy you your plan; I am seat-of-my-pantsing like anything and it’s kind of terrifying.

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