Short people got–


When designing your bathroom, consider the fact that some of your customers will be less than 5’6″.

At least I could fix my hair, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Short people got–

  1. Oh man.

    I usually have the opposite problem — I’m pleasantly astonished when I find a bathroom mirror or wall mirror I can actually use to check my hair in without stepping waaaaaay back or scrunching down. (I expect men’s rooms probably have higher mirrors, but unisex ones don’t tend to.) Usually washing my hands gives me a great view of… my collarbones and the lower half of my face? But scrunching down is at least easier to do than levitating.

    I can only conclude that public bathroom designers have carefully selected their mirror height for maximum inconvenience to everyone.

    1. Ha! Yeah, a very tall friend of mine pointed out that sinks in most bathrooms are perfectly positioned to splatter around his crotch area, which is something I get to avoid entirely.

      It’s tough being four sigmas off the norm, in either direction.

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