Redwaaaaaall! [The 2013 Room Clean, pt. oh god I don’t know]

I found these tiny clay sculptures cleaning my room. I made them when I was young and obsessed with Redwall. They are: an otter, a weasel (or possibly a fox, but I think I’d have made it red or orange if it were a fox), a mole (complete with cute little claws on the ends of its pink claws) and a rather nice squirrel.

What the heck do I do with these? They’re cute, I guess, but they’re really busted up. There’s certainly no place to display them in my room right now.

I guess they go back in a box to be stored with the rest of my “Keep forever despite all logic” tchotkes, and someday when my descendants are going through all my accumulated crap, they can wonder at them.