I made a video – why don’t you?

ImageFame is an elusive and slippery thing in the Internet age, but there’s one thing that will almost always be popular: 110% commitment to making a fool of yourself in front of everyone you know and even more people you don’t know. (The #1 lesson I’ve learned from doing theatre is take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. No, wait, that was Ms. Frizzle.)

On which note, I present me and my coworkers in a hallway. In the spirit of guerilla filmmaking — or possibly the surrealists — we have made use of what we had on hand, including a paper football, a faux fur scarf, and some (rather abused) sugar cookies.

Sugar Cookie Island
Call Me Maybe? (featuring my beatboxing)

EDIT 12/19: The videos don’t appear to be up anymore. Alas! I’ll just have to make some different ones.

Not gonna lie, we’re all feeling pretty confident about winning this thing. Because really, how can two girls who know nothing about football and one very patient guy wearing faux fur NOT win?