Unencumbered by cool: an ECCC wrap-up

“Unencumbered by cool” is, according to Glenn Berger, Bono’s description of a geek, and for all that Bono and Berger seem to have some distinct misapprehensions about geeks and comic book fans, I do like that summation. A geek is someone unencumbered by cool, someone who is so excited and passionate about a topic or an activity that they throw themselves into it un-self-consciously.

This weekend was Emerald City Comic Con, the second one I’ve been to, and it was hugely successful. I’ll try to do a full write-up soon with pictures n’at, but a couple thoughts first:

  1. Image

    Elisa C. as Poison Ivy, giving her stamp of approval to ECCC’s anti-harassment policy.

    The volunteers and staff of the con were stellar. They were dealing with a lot of people — the con was enormous — and yet every minion and staff person I interacted with was polite, efficient, helpful, and usually friendly to boot.
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You have nothing to fear: Welcome to Night Vale West Coast Tour

If you’re following me on Tumblr, you’ve probably already seen these — but hey, it’s my blog and I’ll spam if I want to.

Welcome to Night Vale Seattle, Cecil et al! Last night my sister and I, along with various friends, went to the first live show of the WTNV West Coast Tour. I dressed up as fem!Cecil, and she was a member of the Sheriff’s Secret Police (complete with working blowgun). TONS of great costumes: there were several Glow Clouds, a couple Dog Parks, at least one Hooded Figure, and Cecils and Carloses and Interns of every description. koshekhs-purr on Tumblr has a lot of nice collections of people’s photos from the night — turns out there were also some Eternal Girl Scouts, a Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home, and multiple Kevins. I am slightly disappointed that there was no Hiram McDaniels.

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