Link Round-Up: Women, Media, and Things That Are Cool

Alexander McQueen’s collection at the Met. Also known as what I would like my production of The Tempest to look like, in that daydream world where I produce it with an unlimited budget.

I am in that terrible place where, in spite of sleeping nearly twelve hours last night and drinking three cups of coffee before 1PM, I am still tired. Maybe because it’s 81 degrees F out there, and at least a few degree hotter in our un-air-conditioned apartment? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

In lieu of a focused blog post like I usually try to do, here are some links to stuff that I’ve been meaning to blog about:

  • A Female Artist’s Foray into Male Modeling: Olympic swimmer and artist Casey Legler is a woman and a male fashion model. Favorite line: “Is it a stretch for me to be styled wearing men’s clothes? I mean, I think anyone can look at me fifty seconds and see that that part is actually not so complicated. I think the part that can feel complicated sometimes is that I also look really fierce in a dress.” Continue reading

The Doctor lands in Alaska

The Doctor lands in Alaska

So I’m visiting my family in Alaska, right? And we go to Homer, which is a small tourist/fishing town, and after dinner we drive out to see if we can spot any moose on the outskirts of town.

Instead we found this.

It’s next to some industrial oil/gas building, tucked into a copse of trees and cow parsnips but still visible from the road. It had clearly been touched up recently, as there was blue paint on the plants next to it, and it showed no signs of having weathered an Alaska winter. Who the hell built it and maintains it? Why put it there? And is it really bigger on the inside? That I’ll never know; the doors wouldn’t open.

Shine on, Alaskan Whovian, shine on.

ETA: Two more pictures; all of these are courtesy my mother, who blogs over at