A Tale of Two Health Care Providers

The GI Joe COBRA logo.

Wrong COBRA. But we’ll go with it.

This is a long personal anecdote. You have been warned.

Yesterday I woke up to something no one ever wants to see: a $0.00 balance in my checking account that I wasn’t expecting.

No one likes seeing their bank account empty for any reason, of course, but when you have a comfortable amount in there one day and nothing the next, you start to panic a little. As I logged into my account and waited for the recent transactions to appear on my screen, I tried to think when someone could have stolen my debit card info. One of those fake keypads at an ATM? Had I used it to buy something online at a coffeeshop?

But no, it was just that my rent check had been cashed, and my monthly automatic COBRA premium had been taken out.

Wait. What?

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