#YesAllWomen: Creeps and Crypts and the War on Women

ETA 6/4: Hey, I’ve written a follow-up post!

ETA2 6/4: Since this post was published Crypticon has put together a Code of Conduct prominently displayed on their home page, which is awesome. Thank you again to everyone who reached out, took my concerns seriously, and took immediate action.


I went to Crypticon 2014 to be creeped out, not to be creeped on.

Ugh, I sort of hate starting this post off like that, because in many ways I really enjoyed my first time at Crypticon. Elisa and I went primarily to meet the Soska Sisters, the directors of American Mary, a horror movie I highly recommend for people interested in female-centric horror and with a strong stomach. (There’s a graphic sequence of rape and several of graphic gore, surgery, and torture. Fun!) I was hoping to meet Doug Jones too, but timing didn’t work out. But we got to meet the twins, with Elisa dressed as American Mary herself, and they were incredible:

Jen Soska hugging Elisa while Sylvia looks on in GLEE

Believe it or not, these adorable ladies create horrifying yet compelling blood-soaked movies!

Jen Soska, Elisa as Mary Mason, Sylvia Soska.


They were sweet, kind, and generous with their time, not to mention eloquent in their panel. Meeting them was inspirational in the best way. Continue reading

Calling out good behavior: Halloween edition

Me, grinning

This picture has basically nothing to do with anything except insofar as it’s how I looked tonight. I was “Batman: Year One”-era Selina Kyle, theoretically.

I feel like I spend a lot of time calling out bad behavior and systems of oppression, so here’s a quick post to celebrate a random dude who behaved really well.

I went out dancing with friends tonight to a popular and upscale Capitol Hill club, all dressed up and made up for Halloween. Eventually I went to the bar to get a drink. While I was waiting to catch the bartender’s eye, a guy leaned on the bar next to me.

“Hey!” He pointed at his shirt, where he was wearing a HELLO MY NAME IS “Drinking Buddy” sticker. “Wanna be my drinking buddy?”

“Oh!” I said. “Sorry, I already have some.”

“Oh, okay,” he said. “I had to ask!” And then he offered me a high-five, and I gave it to him, and he went back to his friends.

Which was basically the classiest attempt at a pick-up I saw from a guy all night long, and by far the most graceful acceptance of rejection I’ve seen in a long time. So well done, Drinking Buddy! I hope you found someone nice to drink with.

Happy Halloween weekend. May all your celebrations have classy people and good music.