not a pretty girl, epilogue

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And I REALLY love Xena and Hilary Clinton and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Wonder Woman and Sandra Day O'Connor and Oprah...

Hey, thanks for sticking through all of that!

Because I’m only human and my thoughts on these kinds of identity politics are constantly evolving, and because I ended up covering several more topics than I originally intended to, and because I’ve only had one cup of coffee today (what???), I may have said stuff you disagree with, or stuff you want to discuss more, or stuff that’s just straight-up confusing. I love conversation and I always appreciate the chance to learn more and hear other viewpoints. In the interest of keeping any discussion streamlined, though, I’m restricting comments to just this post.

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You’re in the Social Media generation

Nail art of various Tumblr icons: the Like heart, the Reblog button, the t logo, etc.And so, I finally join the rest of my generation in attaching my blog to a Tumblr.

I had a couple interesting conversations with my mom while back home about self-promotion and marketing your writing; Mom and I both want to make our writing profitable, but Mom has the time and self-motivation to actually take classes and go to conferences and stuff like that to learn about how to do that, while I generally sit around with no pants on going “Eh, I’m a Millennial, I have an intuitive grasp of social media, right?”

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